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Eco-club Projects

Face the Music    
What can students learn from Oxfam's provocative video about the causes and consequences of climate change?  This short (2.24 mins) animated video traces the history of climate change and poses difficult questions about what will happen in the future.  The Oxfam education pack also gives excellent classroom resources which can be used by an Eco-club.  
Wake up, Freak out and Get a Grip    
This excellent animation film by Leo Murray is for more advanced classes and goes into more of the scientific detail of how climate change will change the planet.  It focusses specifically on the idea of a 'tipping point' beyond which we won't be able to return to a stable climatic system.  An excellent resource but for more advanced (KS4, A-Level) students.  
Carbon footprint calculator    
This is a fairly rudimentary carbon footprint calculator that we have been using in classes around the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a useful starter exercise to get students thinking about how much carbon they produce in the course of their everyday lives.  Ours is only a very basic one.  There are many others available on the web.  
Project Genie    
An absolutely fantastic book which has attached lesson plans for KS2 (although I have known KS3 teachers using it).  It takes students right back to when coal and oil were first being laid down in ancient times and traces our changing relationship with the natural world.  Can't recommend this highly enough.  They even have four lesson plans freely available through their website.  The book can be downloaded for free there as well.  A truly excellent resource.  
Discovering Antarctica    
This is a vast scheme of work which can be used both by Eco-clubs and also as a classroom resource.  They have an extremely comprehensive website which explains everything and has a wonderful array of teaching resources and lesson plans.  Good first port of call when tackling anything to do with icy regions!  


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