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The Road Home (14 photos)

Scenes from the east coast of America

School Photo Competition Finalists (11 photos)

Winners and commended photos from our competition

The Chesapeake Bay (17 photos)

Hurricanes, coastal erosion and a lot of houses on stilts.

Florida: The Sunshine State (17 photos)

The Everglades, Miami and the Space Coast

Mississippi from above (11 photos)

Tim and Will take to the air above the delta

In the Bayou (18 photos)

The incredible wildlife and people of the Mississippi delta

New Orleans (15 photos)

Music and mayhem in the heart of Louisiana

Nantucket (15 photos)

High living on New England's plushest sandbar

The American School of Tampico (21 photos)

Bright kids and a beautiful school on Mexico's Atlantic coast

Onboard the Tasco (8 photos)

Colombia to Mexico on the good ship Tasco

Colombia (14 photos)

Cartagena, the Caribbean and the cockfight

Charles Brewer Carias (13 photos)

Trying to keep up with Venezuela's most famous explorer

Mount Roraima (24 photos)

Tim and Will venture into the lost world.  But what to wear?

Guyana (21 photos)

Gold, cowboys and a capital city below the sea

Through the rainforest (10 photos)

Deforestation and cattle ranching on the highway north of Manaus

Fordlandia (18 photos)

The remains of Henry Ford's Amazonian dream

The Amazon floodplain (22 photos)

Life on the banks of the world's largest river

Sailing up the Amazon (23 photos)

Hammocks, wailing babies and pirates selling cheese.

Belem (20 photos)

Giant fish and unknown fruit at the mouth of the Amazon

Amazon in Hipstamatic (19 photos)

Life through the lens of Joe's iphone camera

Brazil's northern coast (15 photos)

Sand dunes, sunsets and Will's tiny pants

The life of a melon (14 photos)

From seed to supermarket.  A day at Brazil's largest melon farm.

Brazil (22 photos)

Stranded in Brazil awaiting a car. But who's complaining?

The Message in a Bottle story (18 photos)

From construction to its miraculous arrival in Brazil. 

Portraits on a container ship (18 photos)

The wonderful variety of life on board Safmarine Bayete.

Crossing the Atlantic (22 photos)

BBQs, lifeboat drills and boiler suits.

Ghana (19 photos)

Coastal erosion and friendly chiefs on the gold coast.

Recycling in Accra (15 photos)

Recycling European electrical waste in Western Accra.  Fridges, computers and a lot of sparks.

Off the map: into Cote D"ivoire (19 photos)

There were no roads between Liberia and Cote d'Ivoire.  Just lots of rebels and monkeys.

West Point: Liberia's coastal slum (20 photos)

Liberia lurks in the shadow of civil war.  Can a brighter future emerge?

Sierra Leone's last rainforest (22 photos)

Illegal logging, children quarrying, and lots of homeless chimps.

Kroo Bay (18 photos)

Pride and poverty in Freetown's slum.

Guinea (13 photos)

Beautiful landscapes, political turmoil and terrible roads.

Educaid School, Freetown (12 photos)

Inspiring school in the centre of the city.  Hope for the future.

Guinea Bissau (19 photos)

A failed state with an executed president and a beautiful archipeligo of tropical islands.

In the delta (18 photos)

The delta regions of Gambia and Senegal suffer high rates of coastal erosion and flooding.  Some snaps of our work there.

Portraits of a Gambian School (12 photos)

Gunjur Upper Basic School.  Cheeky, earnest, handsome and beautiful.

Goree Island (17 photos)

A former slave island near Dakar that now hosts one of Senegal's top schools. 

En Haut - Mauritania from above (10 photos)

Incredible photos of Mauritania from the air by Simon Nancy and Marion Broquere.

Portraits of St. Louis fish market (10 photos)

A quick snapshot of the bustling fish market in the low-lying city of St. Louis, Senegal.

Banc D'Arguin (20 photos)

Where the Sahara meets the sea in Mauritania.  Wild, flat, bleak and increasingly threatened by sea-level change.

Desert (19 photos)

We crossed over 1000 miles of desert landscapes burned bare by the sun.

Portraits in a sardine factory (7 photos)

A Safi sardine factory proved a fascinating space for portraits of Morrocan workers.

Morocco (15 photos)

From elegant Moorish architecture and cosmopolitan cities to the remote Sahara desert.

Whizzing through Europe (23 photos)

Freezing cold nights, too many baguettes and some extremely welcoming friends.  We whizzed through Europe learning to live out of the back of our car.

Coastal Britain (13 photos)

A small slection of photos from our hurried drive down the west coast of Britain.

At school (13 photos)

Throughout our visits to schools, we have been taking photos of pupils enjoying (or not) our lessons.  Here is a very honest selection.

Tiree (7 photos)

The start and end point of our expedition.  The beautiful island of Tiree.


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