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Introduction video

Introduction to Atlantic Rising. 02.30 mins

Crossing the Line

Crossing the equator, we got tried in the Court of Neptune.  The results were messy.  And smelly. 02.30 mins

Deforestation in Sierra Leone

Deforestation in Sierra Leone is destroying West Africa's last rainforest.  But it is not happening through choice. 04.28 mins

Football saves Ghanaian beach

The story of Keta, Ghana, where 600m of land has been washed away in 100 years.  Residents have finally found a solution to the problem.  04.52 mins

Sea defences in Senegal

A sea wall in Dakar is causing cholera outbreaks, whilst a mangrove plantation in the south is re-vitalising a fishing community.  A look at HARD v SOFT sea defences. 04.32 mins

Slum dwellers in Sierra Leone

Displaced by the civil war and living in a slum on a river estuary, what can Sierra Leone's poorest inhabitants do in the face of sea level change? 04.30 mins

Sea level rise in Guyana

How will sea level rise impact the Atlantic's lowest lying capital city?  And what can the government do about it? 05.05 mins

How are our melons grown?

From seed to supermarket shelf.  We visit Brazil's largest melon farm to find out the impact our consumer choices have on other parts of the world. 05.29 mins

Deforestation in the Amazon

How is our demand for cheap meat leading to deforestation in the Amazon? 04.23 mins

The Global Food System

What impact does the global food system have on the environment? And how are we involved? 06.54 mins

Why is the Amazon important?

We explore the rainforest with Brazilian ecologist Gil Serique as he explains its importance to the developed world. 04.49 mins

Sea level rise threatens Mauritania

Find out how sea level rise in Mauritania threatens both the local fishermen in the Banc D'Arguin and millions of migrating birds from Europe. 04.41 mins

Why are sea levels rising?

Dr Svetlana Jevrejeva from Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory explains why sea levels are rising, and how we are involved. 04.13 mins

Erosion in the Mississippi Delta

Oil drilling is causing devastating erosion in the Mississippi delta.  We follow local fisherman Mike Arcenaux as he takes us through the problems. 5.00 mins

The Sinking Mississippi Delta

The delta is sinking by 1/2 an inch a year.  Why is this happening and how does it affect people's lives? 4min 21secs

How to escape the rising ocean?

BBC World Service radio programme about the house moving industry in America.  These people are set to make millions of dollars as people move and raise their houses to avoid the incoming ocean. 08.28 mins

Blocked drains threaten Gambia

BBC World Service radio programme about the work of Maseka Samba, trying to keep Gambia's drains clear and prevent flooding and disease. 06.49 mins

The last great explorer

BBC World Service radio programme about Charles Brewer Carias, Venezuela's most famous explorer. 08.38 mins

The shrinking slave fort

BBC World Service radio programme about Moustapha Gabang, who is on a one man mission to save Gambia's last slave fort from being swallowed by the ocean.

Fighting for Ghana's beaches

BBC World Service radio programme about Rex Edeka, who fought for ten years to get the government to protect his town from coastal erosion. 08.07 mins

Sea level rise in the Orinoco

BBC World Service radio programme about Maria Cabrella, who lives amongst the Warao people in the Orinoco delta and has been noticing changes in their landscape. 07.44 mins

Saving Sierra Leone's rainforest

BBC World Service Radio programme about Tommy Garnett, who has worked for the last 20 years helping Sierra Leone's poorest people find alternatives to cutting down the rainforest. 08.27 mins

Introduction and Transport

Lynn meets with experts at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and quizzes them about how we can improve efficiency in the transport sector.

What can I do about energy efficiency?

What can we all do to improve our own energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency - Part 3

Jacob Talbot (ACEEE) answers questions about energy efficiency at home.

Energy efficiency - Part 4

Marcia Walker (ACEEE) answers questions about how to improve energy efficiency in industry.

Energy efficiency - Part 5

Maggie Molina (ACEEE) answers questions about governments improving energy efficiency.

The New York Times film about our school work

Journalist Andy Revkin catches up with Atlantic Rising in Nantucket

Film for Windham Nursery School, London

What can you tell four year olds about Atlantic Rising?

Launch of the Message in a Bottle project

Launch of the Message in a Bottle.  Cut down to fit with the lesson plan

Sand extraction from Sierra Leone's beaches

Artisanal sand extraction is exacerbating Sierra Leone's coastal erosion problem. Read the blog.

Launch of photography competition

Launch of Atlantic Rising's My Coastal Life Photography Competition

BBC School News Report - Brighton

Kitty and Louis report from Brighton for BBC School News Report on Atlantic Rising.

Cheikh Oumar Foutiyou Tall School

Teacher Abdou Keinde introduces Cheikh Oumar School, St Louis, Senegal.

Climate change opinion from Welsh pupils

Students talk about the effects of climate change in Wales.

Climate change opinions from Freetown students

Students talk about the effects of climate change in Sierra Leone.

Climate change opinions from students in Ghana

Students talk about the effects of climate change in Ghana.

Climate change opinions from students in Liverpool

Students at Mosslands tell us about climate change in Liverpool.

Letters from students in Sierra Leone

Students from Educaid read their letters to the world.

Climate change opinions from students in Gambia

Students from Marina International School talk about climate change in Gambia.

Hotseat Interview at Legon University

We asked Dr George Wiafe of Legon University students' questions.

Video for Tiree High School

 An example of the videos that we have been producing for schools.

Crossing into Cote D'Ivoire

No roads, lots of rivers and a handful of corrupt rebels.

Shipwrecked in Guinea Bissau

Life on a sandbar in Gunea Bissau.

Atlantic children's views on climate change?

Atlantic Rising has been interviewing children all around the Atlantic and asking them about climate change. Here are some of their opinions, concerns and hopes.

Stuck in the Sahara desert as the tide comes in

Driving at night in the Sahara desert, the last thing we expected to find was a deep pit of mud. But we went straight into it at 40mph. It took us 4 hours to get out.

Atlantic Rising press launch

Land Rover gave us the car, the BBC asked us a lot of questions and we drank too much coffee.

What medical kit do you take on an expedition?

Tim pays a final visit to our expedition doctor picking up enough medical supplies for a small hospital.


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