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Foreverglades: How long until the Everglades are lost to rising sea levels?

Sea level rise threatens the Everglades and the whole of south Florida


Wearing a swamp rat: Can fashion stop erosion in the Mississippi delta?

A project in Louisiana believes fashion can help stop erosion. A designer is making bags and clothes out of Nutria, a burrowing rodent devastating the banks of the Mississippi.


Cajuns under threat: Oil companies increasing erosion rates in Mississippi delta

The wetlands of the Mississippi delta are disappearing fast with far-reaching implications for the Cajun community.


Million dollar homes lost as Nantucket erodes away

Mansions are sliding in to the erosion and rich home-owners are trying everything to stop the land loss. But are they doing more harm than good?


Sea level rise - an effect with an address

New mapping techniques allow people to measure exactly how much sea levels will affect their lives.


Flooding on Colombia's Caribbean Coast

Climate change adaptation strategies for communities living just metres from the Caribbean.


Sea level rise threatens the Orinoco Delta

Indigenous tribes struggling to find drinking water as salt water intrudes into the delta.


Indigenous indians threatened by hydro-electric dam in rainforest

Indigenous Indians are on the warpath in the Amazon to defend their lands against the creation of hydro-electric dams.


Can Guyana's sea defences withstand sea level change?

How do you protect a capital city that is almost three feet below sea level?


Eating the Amazon

Europe’s demand for cheap meat is dramatically changing the landscape of the Amazon. Rainforest around Santarém has been replaced with fields over the last five years thanks to the advent of soya farming in the area.


Can sustainable forestry work in the Amazon?

Iwokrama is an area of protected forest in the heart of Guyana, but can it generate sufficient income without cutting down all the trees?


Buffalo trample the Amazon

How water buffalo are damaging the Amazon's floodplain


Salt water poisoning threatens Ghana

Thousands of people being harmed as high tides force salt water into water supplies in Western Ghana


The end of the line: Ghana's fishing in crisis

Overfishing by international fishing fleets are devastating the waters off Ghana


Saving a town from erosion in Ghana

Sea defences begin to turn around a town that has lost 900m of coastline in the last century. But is it enough?


Deforestation in Liberia: a low carbon economy or commercial forestry?

If developed countries do not act to support countries like Liberia for protecting their carbon stocks, they will continue to chop down their trees to fuel development.


Thousands of tonnes of sand taken from beach to build houses

Sand extraction on the Freetown Peninsula is devastating the coastline


Why Sierra Leone will not get a voice at the Copenhagen conference

Can developing countries ever get an equal voice at climate conferences?


Communities at risk of being washed away in Sierra Leone's poorest slums

Slum dwellers in Kroo Bay refuse to move house despite annual floods


Environmental education in Guinea Bissau

A mobile laboratory shows people that being environmentally friendly will improve the quality of your life


Gambia's shrinking slave island

James Island's historic slave fort and one of Gambia's key tourist attractions is falling into the estuary


National clean up day in Gambia

Roll up, roll up, it’s Set Settal! That is Gambia’s National Clean-Up Day.


Gambia's beaches lost to the rising tide

Now you see it, now you don't. Corruption and short-sightedness are not helping Gambia's coastline


Mangrove planting prevents coastal erosion in Senegal

An excellent example of soft sea defences in action


Sea level rise threatens Atlantic bird migrations

Rising sea levels are washing away birds' nests and threatening their food supplies in Mauritania


French government to re-design Mont St Michel causeway to preserve coastline

New bridge to replace causeway and allow erosion to take its course around island settlement


Climate change refugees seek to leave Africa

Will migrant-watch become climate-watch?


Travel Health

Three hypochondriacs hit the road


Changing ocean currents: Sardines Head South

Fishing stocks in Morocco are declining as sardines follow the shifting ocean currents


The vulnerable: Women and climate change in Morocco

Why are women more vulnerable to climate change in Morocco?


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