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Travel Health
Three hypochondriacs hit the road

Written by Tim

It is surprisingly complicated preparing for a big expedition. There are countless things that you have to think about, from competing brands of axle grease to the colour of your pants (never white). And of course some things fall by the wayside. But the one thing that we were not prepared to compromise on was our health.

We have been very fortunate to have the support of Sanofi-Pasteur MSD and the Fleet Street Travel Clinic to ensure that our complete array of neuroses, hypochondrias and real medical needs are taken care of.

We left plenty of time to equip ourselves with medical supplies and to take the appropriate vaccinations. Over the two months prior to departure we took turns to expound at length about our long and absorbing medical histories on the couch of the long-suffering
Dr. Richard Dawood.

Tim pays a final visit to our expedition doctor, picking up enough medical supplies to start a small hospital.

Between us we received a comprehensive list of vaccines and medicines for preventable diseases.  And as a result our ailments to date, whilst treated with the utmost gravity and sympathy by the rest of the team, have been manageable.

Sea urchin spines in foot, rapid onset of theatrical limp, whining.
Cause: Enthusiastic, if ultimately futile, barefooted fishing.
Cure: Bloody dissection of foot with scalpel to extract offending spines. Alcohol.
Prickly heat, reflexive search for cool and shade, whining.
Cause: Atavistically hirsute and prone to severe bouts of sweatiness.
Cure: Time and great patience displayed by all.
 The tastiest member of the team, she has been nibbled by more mosquitoes than you can shake a stick at.
Cause: Inclined to reveal too much flesh, her veins course with a particularly tasty vintage.
Cure: Well, it’s all about prevention actually. She is on a course of Doxycycline and of an evening smells of the sweet and alluring odour of insect repellent.









Dr. Richard Dawood offers some useful advice on travel health: “The health risks of travel are preventable, but more than 50% of all travellers abroad experience health problems that interfere with the enjoyment or the success of their trip. Travellers can be at an increased risk of contracting infections which may not be as common, or exist at all, where they come from. Always remember that prevention is far better than cure and travel health advice should be sought 6-8 weeks before departure in case vaccinations or preventative malaria medications are required for the trip”.

If you are planning your own trip visit the Sanofi Pasteur MSD’s
Vaccine Information Service for comprehensive up-to-date information on vaccines, communicable diseases and healthy travel.

To see a picture of Tim operating on Will's foot click here.

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Travel Health

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